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Váci út 83.


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Full scope accounting services include:

  • Upon setting up a new company we help with the administration, submission of the initial reports to the tax authorities and provide the necessary forms
  • During the business operation we provide the necessary document samples and forms
  • Bookkeeping in compliance with the Hungarian statutory requirements:
    • Record all incoming and outgoing invoices
    • Issue invoices to your customers
    • Register bank statement transactions
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Register petty cash transactions
    • Match all invoices with a bank or petty cash transaction
    • Maintain fixed asset register and calculate depreciation
  • Maintain a clean general ledger (core of the company’s financial records) in order to identify any discrepancies such as double billings
  • Record and declare VAT to the authorities (monthly/quarterly, annually)
  • Submit all tax reports and forms on time (corporate tax, local tax etc.)
  • Provide a calculation for your confirmation before submitting declaration to the authorities
  • Provide information, reports in an agreed format on a monthly basis or upon request (management reports, Cash Flow etc.)
  • Prepare year-end statutory financial statements (income statement, balance sheet) and year-end tax returns
  • Consultation prior year-end closing: evaluation, analysis and planning
  • Represent the company in front of tax or local authorities
  • Provide information to your auditor (in case your company is required to have an annual audit)