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Full scope payroll services include:

  • Enter new employee records and report new employees to the authorities
  • Process termination of employees in the system, prepare exit documents and report the end of employment to the authorities
  • Maintain employee master data, process salary increases or modifications, pay adjustments (bonus, allowances, deductions)
  • Input timesheet data, keep record of vacations, sick leaves etc.
  • Calculate individuals’ monthly salaries
  • Prepare monthly pay slips
  • Calculate the net salaries to be transferred
  • Calculate the monthly tax liabilities, contributions, deductions and fees (as payable to the authorities)
  • Submit monthly payroll reports to the authorities
  • Prepare the basic monthly and annual forms and returns, covering Personal Income Tax and Social Contributions
  • Social security and maternity leave administration
  • Monthly cafeteria (fringe benefits) administration